Entreés Buffets

Fiesta Bar $9.95 per guest* (minimum of 10 orders) 


Stock this buffet with your choice of shredded seasoned chicken or seasoned ground beef, flour tortillas, yellow maize taco shells, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, sour cream, chunky salsa, refried beans, Spanish infused rice, and tri-color tortilla chips.


Add grilled rare tuna slices, pickled onion and cilantro for $5.00 per guest

Add guacamole $1.00 per guest

Add roasted vegetables $1.00 per guest


Pasta Bar $8.95 per guest* (minimum of 10 orders) 


Served with your choice of pasta, sauce and additonal protein.  Served with side salad and garlic bread. 





Ravioli ($2.00 upcharge)


Traditonal Marinara 

Creamy Alfredo 

Vodka Cream Sauce 


Roasted vegetables ($1.00)

Grilled chicken slices ($2.00)

Classic Italian meatballs ($2.00)

Italian sausage ($2.00)

Grilled Shrimp ($2.00)

Pizza Party$6.00 per guest* (minimum of 10 orders) 


Your choice of cheese, sausage or pepproni pizzas.  Includes unlimited pitchers of soda and water. 


Pizza Meal Add-Ons - 

Side Salad with Ranch and Italian Dressing on the side $2.00 per guest 

Chef's Choice Cookie $1.00 per guest 

Brownies - sold by the dozen $1.00 per guest 






* consuming raw or under-cooked food may increase your risk of foodborne illness.